Integrated Wellness Clinic Baton Rouge

10473 Old Hammond Hwy. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816

Integrated Wellness Clinic Located in Baton Rouge

Unable to cope with life due to unhealthy issues that are damaging your mental health?

Integrated Wellness Clinic will help you deal with life on life’s terms with an individualized treatment plan we are walking the path to healing with you. We also takes care of Individualized treatment plans for:

  • Children (5 and above)
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Families and Couples
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Bi Polar
  • Medical Doctor Medication Management
  • Individual Group Counseling
  • Diagnostic Assessment – Addressing both mental health and substance abuse.

Our Location in Baton Rouge, La.

Integrated Wellness Clinic’s offices are Located Throughout Baton Rouge and Surrounding Areas.

Baton Rouge is home to 12-step fellowship meetings and clubhouses that are accessible 24 hours a day. Integrated Wellness Clinic is a pillar in the recovery community in Louisiana, and many of our patients choose to remain in the Baton Rouge area for continued care, such as intensive outpatient rehab or sober living.

For those clients of Integrated Wellness Clinic who opt to participate in aftercare in the Baton Rouge area, this area houses a tremendous number of addiction professionals who work closely with Integrated Wellness Clinic, including psychotherapists, addiction psychiatrists, case managers, recovery coaches, peer recovery support specialists, and more.

The clinical team at Integrated Wellness Clinic can refer clients to any necessary addiction professionals, in addition to IOP and aftercare services

Benefits of Dual Diagnosis in Baton Rouge, La.

Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas offer a number of attractive qualities, including warm weather just about year-round and several nearby shopping centers, movie theaters, and malls that are easily accessible. For our clients the bustling economy of South Louisiana provides many job opportunities and obtain employment conducive to their recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Continuing Care and  Recommendations

As part of the continuing care planning we provide for every client access to Woodlake Transitional Living in the Baton Rouge area, and can make recommendations to our clients searching for transitional living. For the substance abuse and dual diagnosis treatment curriculum, we encourage our clients to attend aftercare and educational meetings sponsored by Woodlake Addiction Treatment Center.

Clients are encouraged to partake in recovery activities, such as going to 12-step meetings, getting coffee with individuals in long-term recovery, or attending meetings at one of Woodlake’s treatment centers.  This allows our clients to practice life skills, such as building a sober support network while they are still receiving intensive therapy and residing with us in a safe and structured environment.

This also allows our clients to leverage the robust recovery community around them while they are in the Baton Rouge area. When clinically appropriate, the Integrated Wellness Clinic also encourages the families of our clients to attend counseling sessions. Families who are unable to attend can also come to our office for scheduled family sessions with their loved ones.