About Us

Integrated Wellness Clinic offers an “integrated” approach to mental wellness, approaching healthy living from a collaborative care effort.

Our mission is to provide multidisciplinary care by assessing and offering which resources are best to treat all of life’s setbacks with a team of wellness professionals both inside and outside of our clinic setting.

Integrated Wellness Clinic provides individual, couples & family counseling for children, teens and adults. With offices in Baton Rouge, Hammond, Lafayette and Plaquemine our clinicians are focused on meeting the mental health needs of our neighbors in the community.

If you are struggling with symptoms of anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma or other issues that concern you, contact us. We’d be happy to help.

Our skilled professionals are ready to assist you in achieving great mental health. Contact us at 225-924-1910 for more information on how you can take advantage of our services.

doctor helping patient with adult intake packet

More About the Integrated Wellness Clinic

Integrated Wellness Clinic is a treatment program serving Baton Rouge and surrounding areas that is dedicated to providing comprehensive care for adult men and women who are struggling with substance abuse disorders and co-occurring mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder, personality disorders, and trauma (PTSD).

Our Treatment Program at the Integrated Wellness Clinic

When a person chooses to heal at Integrated Wellness Clinic, he or she will have the opportunity to work in close collaboration with teams of treatment professionals who specialize in offering the intensive individualized care that can lead to long-term recovery.

The multidisciplinary treatment teams that care for our clients include a psychiatrist, a psychologist, masters level therapists, nursing staff, certified addiction therapists, a nutritionist, case managers, support counselors, and behavioral health technicians.

Clients are involved in the development of their treatment plans, and all care is provided in a supportive atmosphere of dignity and respect.

Treatment at the Integrated Wellness Clinic is based upon the following beliefs:

  • Chemical dependency and mental health diagnoses are medical diseases requiring intervention in a holistic and simultaneous manner.
  • An abstinence-based approach that best prepares clients to achieve long-term success.
  • The longer a person can remain in our program, the better the likelihood that he or she will experience positive, long-term outcomes.
  • Every person who comes to the Integrated Wellness Clinic is a unique individual whose care should acknowledge the personal history, values, and worldview that he or she brings to the recovery experience.

Core Recovery Program

Our program at the Integrated Wellness Clinic is a full extended care continuum, which transitions clients through various phases of their recovery while providing life skills support. Understanding that recovery is one step in the life-long process of recovery, we work closely with each client to develop a focused plan for maintaining and building upon the progress that he or she made with us.

We also make a concerted effort to help each client internalize the sense of hope and motivation that will support his or her continued progress during the post-treatment phase of their recovery.

At all levels of care, treatment at the Integrated Wellness Clinic is provided in a supportive environment that places an emphasis on symptom reduction and the development of healthy coping skills in order to empower clients to live independent lives with purpose, hope, health, and fulfillment.