What To Expect From Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process of restoring the proper order of things. In the case of mental wellness, this process allows you to break free from unhealthy addictions that can lead to worsening mental health issues.

It is natural to have doubts before you begin rehabilitation. Rest assured that the staff is committed to your successful treatment experience. On your first day our staff will all serve as supportive resources on your journey.

The best advice for your first day is to be there and to believe in all your successes, however small.

Substance abuse and addiction can complicate every aspect of care when it comes to helping someone with mental illness. Individuals suffering with a mental disorder can be more difficult to engage within treatment as their judgement may be impaired.

People who have been dual-diagnosed deny the existence of both conditions, and when they are resistant to approach treatment, experts have found that they struggle more with depression.

Integrated Wellness Clinic believes in providing the best rehabilitation available to help you combat the psychiatric issues in your life.

If you are in need our professional staff are here to dedicate themselves to helping you achieve your path to recovery.

Integrated Wellness Clinic sets the proper expectation as to what will happen when you go through the rehabilitation process. For further questions on how we can help you, please give us a call at 225-924-1910.