Welcome to Integrated Wellness Clinic

We look after your mental wellness with our services. We understand the influence your mind has over your daily life, and we aim to help you break free from several issues that are affecting your thoughts. We can help you gain back control of your life.

Kindly feel free to navigate through the different pages of our website to know which of our services are best for your situation. To talk to us personally, you can always call us at 225-924-1910.

young woman sharing her depression in a group therapy

What to Expect fromREHABILITATION

Rehabilitation can help you get back on track. The process, however, can be difficult because it requires dedication and perseverance. Read more to know what you should expect from rehabilitation.

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Leading you backto the Right Path

There is still hope for you. Let us help lead you to the path of life that you are supposed to take.

How Being Sober is So Much Better

Do you notice strains in your relationships with others? Sobriety can help repair such relationships. Find out why being sober is so much better.

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female therapist visiting a family with a young baby

Integrated Wellness Clinic Services Offered

Our services are focused on the improvement of your well-being. You can take advantage of the following services that we are offering.

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Individual Counseling

We facilitate a one-on-one discussion about your existing situation, your thoughts and your goals with a professional.

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Group Therapy

With the help of peers who are going through a similar situation, you will surely feel a sense of belonging and hope.

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Criminal Justice Interventions

Survivors of traumatic incidents will need the support and assistance that they need to go through the legal procedures.

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Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment

Our wellness professionals can help you in getting treatment to break free from substance abuse and addiction.

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